Probably the best coffee in the world.

DUCAFFÈ is the result of a process that begins at the origin of the coffee and extends to the final cup, in a journey through the highest technology of selection, roasting and packaging, through distribution, training of customers, to the final pleasure of tasting the Ducaffè in a good cup.

Only in this way can we produce the best coffee in the world! From the selection of the best Arabicas and Robustas, to the coffee beans expertly mixed to compose the best batches, is the deep knowledge of our artisans and an advanced technology production chain that make the difference. We respect organic and fair trade coffees and work with washed coffees from which we extract only the best aromas. We maintain strict quality control in all stages of the production process so that from the harvest to the cup, we can be sure that we bring the best product and the best service to you.

We offer a wide and versatile range of products to operate in various segments of the market, namely HORECA, with coffee beans and pastilles, ground coffee to be sold in the store, espresso coffee in biodegradable tablets, Compatible coffee beans, Delta Q and Nespresso ready to protect coffee from contact with air, light and moisture, so that coffee quality and freshness can be preserved for months. We have, of course, a tailor-made solution and a supply chain prepared to meet your needs.

All our employees are certified by the World's leading coffee authority - The Special Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) - represented in Portugal by the Coffee Academy.